The_Nebula is an old Legion on Eudemons Online in the Los Angeles Server. After it's retirement in late 2007, we are back and ready to rumble! We continue to follow our ways and strive to make the game fun for all members and players alike.
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 THE RULES! [Liable to change, check often!] UPDATED 06/23/08

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I have....
Read and promise to follow all legion rules
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I will accept my punishment for breaking any of these rules.
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PostSubject: THE RULES! [Liable to change, check often!] UPDATED 06/23/08   Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:25 am

As any respectable Legion on the Los Angeles Server, we have rules too. In order for us to continue to keep the game fun for everyone in Legion and out, here are a few little somethings we would love for all of you to follow on a daily basis, to keep us in good terms with other Legions and players. If you can not follow all of these rules, then please escort yourself to a different Legion. The_Nebula will not be held responsible for your actions. We will not become a Legion full of chaos and turmoil because of your stupidity and lack of discipline. We will not allow any childishness and fighting in Legion chat either. If you have any questions or additions to any of our rules, then please contact a Deputy immediately. If a Deputy is not available, then please leave them a message here.

Legion Rules

  1. Absolutely NO RANDOM PKING!! If you are attacked by an enemy, red named, black named, blue named, ally or Legion-less player, you are allowed to defend yourself! I do not wish for any of you to get PKed for no reason, but please do not forget to take your Screen Shot (press f12) and post them on our forums! Also, please inform a Deputy that you have added the Screen Shots to our forums as soon as this occurs, in order to attain a quick transaction. You also have the right to protect your bosses! If you believe someone is trying to KS (Kill Steal) you, then please take a Screen Shot (press f12) just in case they complain. However, you are allowed to PK enemies, but please keep it clean and fair. Do not spawn kill more than five times. It gets old. Please show maturity when PKing enemies, do not harass them, let's keep it fun for all of us, Eudemons Online players. Furthermore, don't forget to get that PK contribution up!

  2. NO KSING!! I know we all hate it when we've spent hours trying to find a boss and once we finally find one, some idiot kills it, or worse, PKs us and steals our drops. Considering how rude and disrespectful KSing is, I will not allow it. You may not KS ally, neutral, Legion-less, or any other players' bosses. You are not allowed to KS enemy Legions bosses either! Just because they can be asses, does not mean we have to sink to their level! We are better than that! You may ONLY KS, if the boss was yours to begin with and they stole it. This way no one wins. Please remember that problems can easily be solved with Screen Shots. For KSing in Cata Maze please check here - Link will be posted soon!!

  3. Respect is a very important aspect of life. So I ask that you respect our Legion Leader, GracefulNeptune, Deputies, friends, allies and each other! Please, listen to any requests given to you by either myself or Deputies. We are here to help, not judge. Everything we do is to ensure that The_Nebula continues to run smoothly. I will not accept any back talk or rude responses. I am not your mother, sibling, or babysitter. If you can not act in a responsible manner than please spare us the trouble and resign from Legion. Also, regardless of rank, we are all equally important to Legion, so please respect each other and put your differences away from Legion. Failure to do so will get you the boot! I can only give you all so many chances, but remember to talk, play and have fun!

  4. Help allies! If you see an ally in trouble, being picked on by a higher potter, or just having trouble, help them out! We are allies after all. Being a member of The_Nebula says that you are willing to help your Legion mates, friends and Allies in need! We strive to be known as an honest Legion, who plays for fun, and players who don’t loose their manners in game. Respect will get us far! And I’m hoping to keep it that way!

  5. If any issue or fight arises in Legion chat, you are to contact a Deputy or GracefulNeptune immediately, if you are involved or not!! You are to do the mature thing and stop the foolishness. Do not contribute to their idiocy! Please take a Screen Shot and post it on our forums, or send it as a message to Deputies and GracefulNeptune, depending on the severity of the issue. DO NOT ask us to scroll up! Messages are deleted after a while and we can no longer see them. We have other chats opened as well, so whatever may be on your screen, may not be in ours! So please, do not think twice about taking Screen Shots!

  6. Do not accuse ANYONE without proof! You can argue that the sky is green all you want, but without proof, I'm only going to smile. If you catch anyone breaking any rules, contact me or Deputies ASAP. Screen shots are loved! Please don't address small troubles with no Screen Shots, for we will have to go by our assumptions and personal opinions and decisions may be biased, due to lack of evidence. Please, spare us, and do not send us on wild goose chases.

  7. Legion Chat is meant for all of us to read! Please do not cuss excessively, use overly abusive language, start offensive or sexually explicit topics or messages, do not send scams or spam, do not impersonate other players, threaten or harass other members, BEG for items, pets, teachings or EP, start pointless arguments or fights in Legion chat! Keep the smut in whispers. If ANYONE is breaking these rules please inform Deputies ASAP and again, Screen Shots are loved!

  8. DO NOT send or make available pornographic, threatening, embarrassing, hateful, prejudice, racially or ethnically insulting, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate messages to members or other players, regardless of Legion!

  9. Register ALL capable Eudemons to totems! Registering your pets not only help us level the Legion, it also gives us more ranks and more opportunity to get more potency and new members! As a member of The_Nebula, it is your responsibility to know when you can register more Eudemons and keep up with registering your pets. Plus, it gives you more contribution and an opportunity to get a high rank!

  10. Donations are loved! We need legion funds to open all totems and to add more potency to our totems, please donate whenever possible! Donating to Legion, not only helps us out, but you too. You will get more contribution points, a possibility of Legion purchasing a booth, more opportunities for a rank, and more potency. Can you seriously complain?

  11. Do not ask for a rank like Deputy or Leader’s Secretary, upon entering The_Nebula!! Any rank will be given purely on contribution and soonest after one day in legion, unless decided upon by Leader. Ranks will be given after a trial of careful consideration, your contribution, pot and overall attitude in legion will affect out decisions!

  12. DO NOT take ranks so seriously! Just because someone has a rank DOES NOT make their word final, only my word is final! Deputies are around to make the BEST decisions when I am not currently online, ALL actions MUST be sent to me through whispers, e-mail, messages, or any other form of contact. This does not excuse you from disrespecting them! Any complaints, send me a message.

  13. If you choose to break ANY of these rules and are lucky enough to be forgiven, a SINCERE apology must be made to legion and any members involved. All apologies must be Screened Shot and posted on our Forums under Apologies.

  14. If you have any problems within the legion, REPORT THEM TO THE LEADER OR DEPUTIES! We will be more than happy to help! Please send us a whisper, e-mail or message. Regardless of the gravity of the issue, please inform us in any case. We ask this not so you can snitch or tattle, but to keep the peace and serenity in The_Nebula. Never forget to take Screen Shots!

  15. If you need to send us a message, please contact Deputies first, then Leader. I will ignore your message if it can easily be solved by a Deputy or any member in Legion. If you have any questions about the game, such as the locations of spiders, bosses, items, spells etc. please ask legion first or check out our Newbie Guide!! Do not spam our whispers with simple questions!

  16. You are to follow all of these rules, and there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy if you break them. You're punishment will be decided on the severity of your actions. All apologies are welcomed and appreciated. I understand we all make mistakes, but what separates us from the rest, is that we are big enough to admit our mistakes, and sincerely apologize for them. Are you big enough?

~* The_Nebula believes in second chances ~ But do not abuse of our kind heart *~


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PostSubject: Re: THE RULES! [Liable to change, check often!] UPDATED 06/23/08   Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:04 pm

I expect to see COMPLETE respect from EVERYONE to GracefulNeptune, and to ALL Deputies. No matter what, you are to ALWAYS respect us.

As for other ranks, that you need to earn, RANKS ARE THE EQUIVILANT OF NOTHING! I don't care if you are a general, you are still expected to give complete respect to ALL members. To me, the ranks are just a way to show off how much you have contributed, it does not give you any special treatment.

If you have any problem with respect from a common member through a general, take it up with a Deputy, or with Grace, but FIRST a Deputy!

If you have a problem with respect from a Deputy, take it to Grace, do NOT fight with the Deputy.

If you have a problem with respect from Grace, take it to a Deputy. NEVER DISRESPECT GRACE OR FIGHT WITH HER!

NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT FIGHT WITH ANYONE! Bring it to the Deputies, or Grace FIRST. If there are no Deputies on, and Grace is not on, TAKE A SCREENSHOT!! Send the SS on the forums to Grace -AND- the Deputies. After the SS is taken, DROP THE ISSUE WHERE IT STANDS AND WAIT FOR A DEPUTY OR GRACE!!

Thank you.
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PostSubject: - Our PK Rules -   Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:26 pm


  1. You are allowed to PK enemies ONLY. Under NO irrational circumstances will you PK an ally, friends, neutral Legions, Legionless players or Dragon_Pegasus! The only exception to this, is if you are attacked or helping an ally! Screen Shots will be needed if asked! Please try your hardest to obtain Screen Shots! It is VERY hard to take your side, when they have evidence against you! I want to keep everything fair! Please don't make matters harder than they really are.

  2. We will not get involved with personal enemies and all personal enemies must be reported to us!! This is to reassure us that you are not random PKing. Leaders of the Legions of your personal enemies should also be notified! I do not want to get enemied by random legions, because of personal enemies! Please remember to be mature and take those Screen Shots!!

  3. Never mob a low level player! It is NOT fun having max pot of 100 and being surrounded by five 200 potters!! The_Nebula is not a bully legion!! If you want to pick and harass other players, then please escort yourself out of The_Nebula, since you clearly do not belong in our Legion.

  4. Do not spawn kill more than 5 times! It gets old! Plus it makes us look like bullies and gives us a bad name! I will not allow anyone to tarnish our name! We are not a PK Legion!

¸.•' .•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`•

~*~ From me, to you ~*~
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PostSubject: Re: THE RULES! [Liable to change, check often!] UPDATED 06/23/08   

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THE RULES! [Liable to change, check often!] UPDATED 06/23/08
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