The_Nebula is an old Legion on Eudemons Online in the Los Angeles Server. After it's retirement in late 2007, we are back and ready to rumble! We continue to follow our ways and strive to make the game fun for all members and players alike.
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 -.-" selling unique and eilte and stone..

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PostSubject: -.-" selling unique and eilte and stone..   Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:02 am

hi all.

well yeah.. i use to know some of you like ALZA Graceful xD im not going to tell the rest of the name.. going to start off with my topic..

vio stone = 8 to 9ep for vio in gold is > 1 mill to 1.1 mill
yellow stone = 3 to 4 ep for yelllow in gold is > 300k to 400k
red stone = 45 to 62ep for red in gold is at least 7 mill or 5 mill or 5.5mill..

uniques = 1ep to 2 ep for uniques in gold is > 100k to 210k
eiltes = 3ep to 4 ep for eiltes in gold is > 600k to 900k
supers 65ep to 85ep for supers in gold is > 28mill to 38mil

just to say if who got unique or eilte paladin item.. whisper me samuel or ValHALL
accpet weapon <- not buying for unique or eiltes..

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-.-" selling unique and eilte and stone..
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